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The Access team is dedicated to patient care and satisfaction. We invite you to take part in the brief survey below and tell us about your experience with Access. We love to hear if our staff or our clinics are doing well, however should you feel unhappy in any way with our service we need to hear about it. We take any complaint very seriously and use this information to make improvements to our patient care. This feedback form is voluntary, confidential and anonymous.

The information will be used to help us ensure that we are offering our patients the highest quality service and meeting all of your needs.

Please do not include any personal information that may identify you in your response, if you would like to have a personal response or have any questions or concerns, please contact our Practice Manager directly.

Your comments will help us continue to improve our service to patients. For questions 2-8 please choose on answer that best describes your experience (5 = highly satisfied and 1 = not satisfied)